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The next season 2024/25 is

50th anniversary

Chronicle entry from the construction - 1974

"Already under difficult weather conditions, young local boys - temporary workers were finishing the construction of the ski lift to Vystrkov, where the upper station is. Despite all the hardship and discomfort, they worked selflessly and were joined by old citizens - retired carpenter Frant. Štěpánek from Havírna, Petr Štěpánek from Skála - and under the leadership of Drahouš Waldmann, the construction of the lift was completed by Christmas.

First day of the operation

"The new ski lift has been in operation since 25th December 1974 and we are all very happy about it. On New Year's Eve, a beautiful winter day, 4,400 CZK were raised. There was a queue of about 300 skiers waiting at the lift."