Cross-country trails

Cross-country skiing trails in and around Kořenov

bezecka-mapa-paseky-korenovThere are approximately 40 kilometres of groomed cross-country skiing trails around Kořenov; on the one side towards Jizerka, Smědava and Bedřichov – „Jizerská trail (Jizerská magistrála)“ and on the other side towards Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) – „Giant Mountains cross-country route (Krkonoše – lyžařský běžecký ráj)“. These two unique projects were interconnected in winter season 2008 to 2009 thanks to Public benefit corporations „Jizerky pro Vás“ and „Jizerská o.p.s.“. Currently approximately 500 kilometres of interconnected cross-country trails are groomed in Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains. This is a unique project in the world.

There are maps with numbers on all these cross-country skiing trails (format A3 on less important places, format A0 on most important places). The map always includes the point where you are. If necessary it is possible to call Mountain rescue according to the map number.

Around Hvězda and around White Rock (Bílá skála) – this is a part of the project „Giant Mountains cross-country route (Krkonoše – lyžařský běžecký ráj)“: This system of groomed cross-country skiing trails consists of an external and an internal circuit.

External circuit

The external circuit starts in Vystrkov - map No. 1/A3 (appox. 500 metres from the restaurant „Na Perličku“) and in follows the trail No. 19 from Vysoké nad Jizerou. It continues towards the upper lift station of ski lifts in Paseky nad Jizerou - map No. 2/A0, be careful, there is a danger of collision with the skiers on the pistes, the trail is mostly slightly damaged in the next part to Bosna – map No. 3/A0 (approx. 0.7 km, anyway it is a moderate downhill and it does actually not matter) – crossing to Havírna (keep left here) – you have come to the interconnection of both circuits – map No. 13/A3 – approach Vyhlídka in Kořenov after another 3 kilometres – map No. 16/A3 – lodge U Zvonku – map No. 17/A3 – go up the hill Hvězda – map No. 9/A3 – where you approach the starting point for those who set off by Hvězda lodge– map No. 10/A0 – go down towards Rejdice, there is the next map No. 5/A3 the crossing over Pašerák and after 200 metres you are back on the starting point – Vystrkov.

Internal circuit

The internal circuit starts by the map No. 10/A0 which is about 100 metres from the Hvězda lodge– it continues together with the external circuit to the crossing over Pašerák – map No. 5/A3, turn left here to come to the interconnection of both circuits – map No. 6/A3 – continue to the next crossing – map No. 12/A3 (if you go straight ahead up the hill you shorten the trip by approx. 2 kilometres) – continue on the right hand side up to the map No. 15/A3 (there is the next opportunity here to turn left and go around the hill Kapradník from the left side – than both trails come together again) – continue straight ahead to Tetřeví bouda (do not look for it as it was destroyed in 2012) – map No. 14/A3 – we come along „ Long way (Dlouhá cesta)“ to map No. 11/A3, this is a starting point for a one-kilometre long trip left to White Rock (Bílá Skála) – if the weather is wonderful it is strongly recommend not to exclude this round, the views are worth going there – continue from the map No. 11 approx. 1 kilometre to get back to Hvězda lodge.

From Kořenov to Jizerka

There are two cross-country skiing trails from Kořenov to Jizerka. Unfortunately they are not marked until now.
The first trail starts by the bus stop in Kořenov (direction Tanvald), see map 18/A3 – continue around Tesařovská kaple to Polubný. A part of the skiing trail goes along the street, that is why you need to carry your skis for approx. 300 metres to get to the starting point in Polubný – map No. 23/A0 (there are two circuits in Polubný which are approximately 3 kilometres long, if interested, you can advantage these) – carry your skis over the street by the church in Polubný, go up the hill to the central parking place in Polubný, cross the road again to reach the Jizerská trail (Jizerská magistrála) – see the map No. 26/A0 by the Pralinka lodge – continue along the trail which goes along the street from Polubný to Jizerka until we get to the central parking place in Jizerka-Mořina – map No. 28/A0 – enjoy the wonderful trail of Jizerská trail (Jizerská magistrála).
The other cross-country skiing suggested route starts in railway station in Kořenov. Go down along the street approximately 300 metres towards Dolní Kořenov until you see pension Karlos on your right hand side, there is the map No. 24/A3 – take the underpass under the rail Kořenov-Harrachov and go along the railway to the railway bridge over the river Jizera – map No. 27/A3 – continue up the hill (at first slight hill turns into a steeper incline of approx. 1.5 kilometres) until you reach the central parking place Jizerka-Mořina where there is the map No. 28/A0 there – follow the trails along Jizerská trail (Jizerská magistrála). The third cross-country skiing trail leads from Paseky nad Jizerou along the path called Planýrka – first find map No. 4/A3 in Havírna – continue along the way Planýrka, which goes along the river Jizera until we approach Mýto – map No. 19/A3 – pass the formar plant Cutisin, carry the skis for approx. 1.2 kilometres to Martinské údolí and find the map No. 25/A0 there – carry the skis for approx. 250 metres until you get to the trail which brings us to the railway bridge, then the trail is the same as the trail from railway station Kořenov which was described above.

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