Skiing rules and guidelines

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Skiing rules

  1. Enter the piste only on skis or on snowboard.
  2. Do not endanger yourself or other people while skiing/snowboarding. Do not cause damages/injuries.
  3. Choose the appropriate piste according to your abilities (blue, red, black piste)
  4. Adjust your speed to your abilities, possibilities, technical equipment, actual physical and health condition, terrain and current condition of the pistes, snow and weather conditions, visibility and density of traffic on the ski trails.
  5. Be especially careful while facing typical dangerous: edges of slopes, bumps, trees, rutted terrain, variable or limited snow height, information bars with indicators, maintenance of ski trails, snowmaking and repair work during skiing time. Do not unnecessarily sit and do not group.
  6. Do not enter or cross the piste unless you are sure it is free.
  7. You can overtake from any side. Keep a sufficient distance. The overtaking person takes over the responsibility for safety.
  8. Be cautious especially in narrow places. Do not stop there and try to leave as soon as possible in case you fall down.
  9. Keep the distance from dangerous places, especially places which are marked by warning signs or barriers.
  10. If you meet an injured person, you are obliged to provide first aid and report the accident to Mountain rescue. Telephone number – Mountain rescue (Horská služba) is +420 483 380 073.
  11. You must not leave the lift trail – there is a risk of serious injuries in case the rope falls down.
  12. It is forbidden to adjust pistes in any way (jumps, gates etc.)
  13. Entering ski trails is FORBIDDEN from 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. next day. The trail maintenance takes place. There is a risk of danger!!! (with the exception of night skiing pistes)

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